Teerthanker Mahaveer Institute of Management & Technology,

Bagarpur, Delhi Road, Moradabad


Curricular Activity

Theory: Regular theory classes shall be conducted through out the year. The syllabus shall be completed well in advance so that sufficient time is available for revision. Monthly seminar, group discussion shall be conducted in all the subjects and every student-teacher gets opportunity to participate in the seminar. Guest lectures, which are practically useful to the student-teachers, shall also be arranged. These lectures shall be given by eminent resource persons. Internal evaluation shall be on the basis of two mid-term examinations as per the University rules.


Co-Curricular Activity

The College shall organize the following Co-Curricular Activities:

1. Art and Craft Activity

2. Sports Activity

3. Preparation of TLM & PTA

4. Seminar & Workshop

5. Music, Singing & Dancing

6. Community Service & Gardening