Teerthanker Mahaveer Institute of Management & Technology,

Bagarpur, Delhi Road, Moradabad

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The quality of Education system plays a major role in the development of a country for which there is need of competent and versatile teachers. This college has been established to nurture, motivate and empower a brigade of such teachers who will contribute to improve the standard of elementary Education.

Basic training certificates (BTC), is a teachers training program to prepare qualified teachers for primary schools. The program is run under the TMIMT society, Moradabad a renowned organization to meet the needs of Education.

 The curriculum has been designed by SCERT Lucknow, U.P. Through this course the teachers are given deep in sight in to the methodology of activity based teaching and to induce learning through inter personal relationship for all round development of the children. In order to improve the quality of teaching, recruitment board of the states regard BTC as a part of minimum eligibility criteria for appointment of primary  teachers as having qualified and well trained teachers for teaching small children is of utmost importance.